The Importance of Treating North Reading Area Properties for Mosquito’s

There is a wide variety of insects that are known to cause illnesses and injuries today. From ticks to bees and spiders, there is no shortage of reasons to be concerned. However, of all the insects, the mosquito is one of the most dangerous.

Mosquitoes and Disease

Worldwide mosquito’s cause approximately 700 million people to get mosquito-borne illnesses each year. While many of these illnesses do not have a major foothold in the United States, there has been a rise in several types of mosquito diseases over the last decade.

Two of the most dangerous mosquito-borne illnesses that have been found in the United States are West Nile Virus and Zika, which account for nearly 3,000 mosquito-borne illness cases a year. While these are two of the more concerning illnesses, there are spotty cases of a host of other very concerning mosquito illnesses in the United States as well. These include Malaria, Dengue Fever, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Mosquitos are also the sole cause of heartworm in pets.

Eradicating the Threat

The best way to eradicate the threat of mosquito-borne illnesses is to treat areas that are known as breeding grounds for mosquitos. This can include any standing water areas as well as slow-moving water that pools in certain areas.

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