The Importance of Seeing the Dentists in Waikoloa for Your Gum Health

The health of your gums is directly linked to the health of your teeth. Without healthy gums, your teeth can begin to suffer from a range of dental conditions. Since gum conditions are so easily prevented and can be found in the early stages, through routine dental care, it is imperative you take good care of your oral health. You also need to make sure you see the Dentists in Waikoloa as often as is recommended. This can help to protect this vital part of your oral health, so you do not suffer from painful and damaging gum infections and disease. Visit Website Domain for more details!

An Explanation of Gum Disease

1. Gingivitis — This is a mild form of gum disease that is completely reversible and can usually be treated with good oral hygiene care and dental monitoring. Gingivitis is caused by plaque being allowed to sit on your teeth for long periods of time. This causes redness, swelling and bleeding in the gums. Most people will notice these symptoms when they attempt to brush their teeth. The sensitive gum tissue bleeds and becomes irritated. As long as good oral hygiene habits begin and continue, patients can fully recover from this condition with no adverse effects.

2. Periodontitis — This is the advanced form of gum disease and is more difficult to treat. As the bacteria in the plaque become lodged under the gum tissue, this begins to create pockets of infection around the teeth. As the body begins to try and fight this infection, it causes the bone and other tissues in the mouth to degrade, causing loosening in the teeth. Eventually, this can expose the root structures and cause the teeth to fall out or need to be extracted because they are so damaged.

If you smoke, have diabetes, are on certain medications or have a family history of peridontal disease, seeing the Dentists in Waikoloa on a regular basis is imperative. If you are in need of dental care, contact Business Name and allow him to care for your gums and help to keep your smile healthy. With a wide range of dental services, your dental needs will be fully met.

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