The Importance of Reviews for Your Minneapolis Small Business

Do you run a small business in Minneapolis? Are you looking for ways to get more reviews?

In today’s world, customers are increasingly turning to online reviews as a way to make buying decisions. But how do you get more positive reviews? It turns out that most businesses aren’t even aware of the power of online reviews.

This article will explain the importance of reviews for your Minneapolis small business, and also provide you with 2 simple tips to increase your chances of getting more reviews.

Tip 1: Put “Leave us a review” in your email signature

If you have an email account, it is likely that you use this as a primary means of communication. If so, then why not include a call-to-action at the end of each email message? This would be something like: “Please leave us a review on Google or Yelp.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re sending emails about your services, products, or anything else – just put “leave us a review” somewhere in the body of the email.

Tip 2: Challenge your sales staff to get one review per month

Another great idea is to ask your sales team to challenge themselves to gather one review per month. Asking them to do this will help them understand the importance of customer service, which is a huge part of running a successful business.

By asking them to do this, they’ll become more aware of what their clients want from them, and how they can improve their customer service.

At the same time, you’ll be able to see whether any of your employees are struggling to find ways to gain new clients. This could be a sign that they need some training on how to better communicate with potential clients.

With these two tips, your Minneapolis small business marketing should continue to improve, leaving you with more happy customers and more reviews.

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