The Importance of Regular Termite Inspections for Gold Coast Homeowners

The climate conditions in and around the Gold Coast area make this a popular spot to live, visit, and vacation. Unfortunately, the warm weather and the ideal climate the area offers for people also makes it an attractive location for a wide variety of insects.

Some of the most destructive types of insects found in homes and commercial buildings on the Gold Coast are termites. Regular termite inspections are important for any home or property owner to help detect the early presence of an infestation and eliminate the colony before it has a chance to do significant damage.

Existing Homes and New Home Construction

While most people assume that termite inspections are only required on existing homes and buildings, they are also essential during new home construction. With new home pre-construction treatment, homeowners can have the peace of mind of dramatically reducing the risk of subterranean termite problems. Treatment can be maintained for up to 50 years, depending on the extermination company warranty and the types of materials and solutions provided.

Existing homes should have termite inspections if there are any indications that these invaders are present. Also known as white ants, termites can be very difficult to see unless you are aware of the signs. Annual termite inspections are recommended by Australian Standard AS3660.2, but older homes or homes in areas with heavy termite activity may be good candidates for inspections on a more frequent basis.

To find out more about termite treatment for your home on the Gold Coast, call the professionals at Flick Pest Control.

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