The Importance of Regular Dental Care

It is important that you seek regular Dental care in St. Louis in order to keep your gums and teeth healthy. It is suggested that you have a professional dental visit and cleaning every six months. There are two basic parts of the dental visit, which include the actual check-up and the cleaning process.

The Dental Check-Up
During your dental check-up your dentist will evaluate your teeth for signs of cavities. They will also determine if there is any built up tartar or plaque on your teeth. If plaque, which is sticky, clear bacteria, remains on your teeth, it may harden and then become tartar. Tartar is not able to be removed with flossing and brushing alone, which is why it is important to schedule regular Dental care in St. Louis. If plaque and tartar are left on the teeth they may lead to serious oral diseases.

Once your teeth have been inspected, your dentist will evaluate your gums. This is completed with a special type of tool that will help the dentist determine how healthy your gums actually are. When you seek Dental care in St. Louis at Forest Park Dental they will also provide a check-up for your neck, head, face, throat and tongue to look for any signs of issues.

The Dental Cleaning
During your teeth cleaning at Forest Park Dental of St. Louis, your dentist will use specialized tools that remove any sings of tartar on your teeth, the actual process is referred to as scaling. Once the teeth have been scaled, they are often polished. This is completed with a type of gritty paste that will remove all types of surface stains that are present. The last step of the cleaning process is for the dentist to floss your teeth.

Actions Between Visits
In between your dental visits you should ensure that you are taking properly caring for your gums and teeth. Plaque is constantly adhering to your teeth, but it is able to be eliminated with regular flossing and brushing. This will also reduce the potential of you developing serious dental issues down the road such as gum disease or oral cancer.

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