The Importance of Proper Glass Installation in Reno, NV

Whether the glass is being installed for new construction, renovations, or window replacements, proper Glass Installation in Reno NV is crucial to the project. Windows, doors, and skylights, for examples, can look great when put in place. That does not necessarily mean that all is well, which is one of the major problems with poor installation. The problems are not easily noticed. Placement may appear perfect, but small issues may cause big problems. By the time some issues are discovered, damage can be extensive.

A small difference in alignment from one side of a window to the other can result in leaks, drafts, and extra stress and pressure placed on the glass. Seals can fail, cracks can appear in the glass, and drafts can be felt inside the building. Those issues will be noticed at some point because the glass will appear foggy if the seal breaks between the panes, and cracks in the window are easy to spot. Leaks can allow water into the window sill, the siding, or the walls in small amounts that will not be noticed for a long time. That can result in mold, mildew, damage to insulation, rotting support beams, or ruined windows and siding. Repair and replacement costs to correct all that damage will be costly and take a lot of time.

Glass Installation in Reno NV should be done by experienced professionals in order to avoid mistakes that can cost business and homeowners a lot of time and money. It is also important to find a company that keeps up with new methods and procedures as well as advanced technologies. Glass products and techniques have changed dramatically over the past decade or two. Windows and doors, for example, have become more energy-efficient, are available in many more options, and can be glazed and coated for safety and protection. Commercial glass for partitions, entryways, and cubicles can be installed to provide fire protection and be bullet and attack resistant for safety. Customers can go to  to learn about different types of glass available and view possibilities for creative storefronts, designs, and renovations, as well as get information regarding free estimates.

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