The Importance of Professional Wasp Removal in San Diego

Wasps are not bees and are not part of the order or suborder of insects related to bees. Even though they are not bees, they are still insects that will sting you as part of their defense mechanism. The wasp queens live only about one year and are merely a means of reproduction and have no other role in the colony. Since these insects have a painful sting and have a tendency to build their nests/hives underground or under an awning or roof. Wasp Removal in San Diego is crucial in protecting you from them. Why is it so important get rid of wasps around your home?

Venomous Sting

The wasp’s sting is actually a bite. Wasps have a stinger in their mouths that also carries venom. The venom is designed to paralyze their prey. Wasps are prone to stinging multiple times unlike most bees that lose their stinger once they sting you. The goal of the wasp is to inject their paralyzing venom into their prey by stinging them over and over as they begin to tear small wasp mouthfuls of flesh from their prey. Wasps can consume a spider in a matter of minutes. While it is unlikely a wasp will paralyze a human or large animal, they will sting and bite at your skin like a lethal predator.

Easily Provoked

These two factors should be enough for homeowners to take action to get rid of them. People with allergies to insect stings are at higher risk for wasp stings to be very harmful to fatal, but the sting is painful to everyone. Wasp Removal Services in San Diego is important to the well-being of your family and especially your children. Best Bee Removal is a service that helps you manage bees and wasps. Find out more at

Wasps are more easily provoked than bees. Just being in the path is enough to make them want to bite you. Bees require that you bother them in most cases. African bees are more aggressive than bees, but wasps are even more aggressive than African bees. Wasps are extremely protective of their nests and territory. Since they can build nests on top of or under your structure, they can be difficult to find and you are more apt to disturb them without knowing it.

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