The Importance of Preventive Dental Care in Manchester, NJ

It might not surprise you to learn that your dentist is interested in helping you avoid potential periodontal issues such as gum disease. However, it is not uncommon for people ignore their annual cleanings and even put them off for one or more years. This can not only put your health at risk but it could prevent your dentist from providing preventive dental care that could very well save your teeth.

Avoid Dentures

Without preventive dental care in Manchester, NJ, it is possible for all manner of issues to take root in your teeth and gums and cause havoc. For example, teeth that are not regularly cleaned will begin to collect plaque, the substance that is directly responsible for gum disease. This disease, if not treated and reversed, may lead to the loss of teeth after time and the eventual need for dentures.

Avoid Implants

One option is to click here to learn about the many types of preventive dental care that could keep your mouth healthy. Dental implants are similar to dentures in that they do the work for missing teeth but this option is permanent and will involve placing a metal screw inside your jaw. Preventative care can help you avoid this altogether and keep all of your healthy, beautiful teeth inside your mouth until you are far too old to care.

Catch Disease

Your dentist is not there checking out your teeth and gums because he or she finds it particularly fun. The truth of the matter is that he or she will X-ray your teeth and look for any signs of trouble in a person’s throat, mouth, tongue, and gums. If you do not come in for your regular cleaning, it could be that you miss something potentially dangerous to your health and end up going through much harder treatment options than might have been possible sooner.