The Importance of Prenatal Care Through Your Gainesville OBGYN

Pregnancy is a time of happiness and expectation. This exciting time in a woman’s life does not need to be clouded with worries about the health of her baby. Prenatal care is extremely important for all pregnant women because it increases the chances of being able to deliver a full-term healthy baby. If you are newly pregnant, you may feel a little nervous and wonder what you can expect at your first prenatal appointment. This information will prepare you and help you to understand how truly vital this care is. Through the Gainesville OBGYN, your pregnancy can be a positive experience.

What Can You Expect When Seeing the Gainesville OBGYN for Prenatal Care?

When you first go in for your appointment, you will be weighed and have a urine sample taken. On your first appointment, your OBGYN will want to take a pregnancy test and may check your HCG levels. This can help to determine how far along you are in gestation. The urine will also be collected to check for infection, protein and sugar, to make sure your pregnancy is going well.

The first appointment with your OBGYN is the most time-consuming, because you will most likely have a full physical examination. Your breasts will be examined and the height of your fundus will be measured. You will also have a pap smear. All of the measurements, urine tests and HCG tests will help your doctor to determine an approximate due date for you. It is important to note, due dates are not set in stone. They can be slightly off, by as much as one to two weeks. The farther along you get in your pregnancy, the better the chances of predicting a due date.

The care you are given during your pregnancy will screen for birth defects and other health concerns with your baby. It will also monitor your health, making sure the two of you are healthy and strong when it comes time for delivery.

If you are pregnant, you need to make sure you receive prenatal care as soon as possible. Contact Obstetrics Care in Gainesville or visit their website They look forward to caring for you during this joyful time.

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