The importance of Oriental rug cleaning

Oriental rugs are beautiful as well as functional as an accessory item in many homes; these rugs are often placed in areas where there is predictably high foot traffic, this of course means that the rug is subjected to dirt and stains. There are many products available for rug cleaning in Virginia Beach but often, high value Oriental rugs should not be cleaned using a commercially available product, they should be cleaned by professionals with unique skills. Oriental rugs are made from materials very different to those used in conventional wall to wall are area carpets, the job of cleaning them is something that is best left for those who have all the correct tools and materials and have been trained in the correct ways to handle these expensive rugs. When deciding the best way to go about cleaning an Oriental rug the amount of wear, the fading, the type of stain and the overall condition of the piece must be factored in.

As Oriental rug cleaning in Virginia Beach does take special skills, keeping it pristine is far easier when you rely on an individual that has the training. Oriental rugs can and do last many years, regardless of how old the rug might be, special care must be taken to ensure the integrity of the delicate textiles used in its creation. Regardless of whether the problem is a stubborn stain or just a regular cleaning, trained experts know precisely how to go about the task.

To ensure that the rug is cleaned completely, there are numerous steps that are taken by the cleaning professional. The first thing that is done is a detailed inspection of the rug, in this way and stains or potential weak spots can be identified as can the types of dyes and fibers used. Once the expert has a full understanding of the task, a first vacuum is done which removes pet hair, loose dirt, etc. Any stains that were identified are pre-spotted. Shampoo which has been specially formulated for the job is applied; a hot water vacuum rinse is done followed by a quick-dry. The last step in this careful cleaning process is to detail the fringe, restoring it to the natural color.

After your priceless Oriental rug has been subjected to professional rug cleaning in Virginia Beach it will not only be clean, it will smell fresher and last much longer.

Oriental rug cleaning in Virginia Beach is one of specialties Dry-N-Clean. If you have treasured Oriental rugs in your home they need to be kept in pristine condition, something that the cleaning experts at Dry-N-Clean know how to do very well.

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