The Importance of Holistic Dentistry in Westlake Village, CA

Holistic dentistry is a form of dental care that looks at all aspects of your health, including what you eat and how well-hydrated you are. It encourages preventive practices that can help dental health, such as regular visits, diet changes, and healthy lifestyle choices. Here are reasons why holistic dentistry is important.

Focuses on Total Well-Being

Holistic dentistry focuses on the whole person rather than just their teeth. It addresses the entire body, mind and spirit because teeth are a reflection of the entire body’s health. Holistic dentists are experts in treating the whole body. They will evaluate your diet, exercise and sleep habits and how they affect oral health.

Promotes Good Oral Health

Appropriate dental care can help prevent oral diseases like periodontal disease and cavities. It may even contain more serious conditions from developing. Holistic dentistry in Westlake Village, CA encourages good oral health by recommending a healthy diet and regular checkups.

Addresses the Root Causes

Holistic dentists address the root causes of dental problems so you can get long-term relief and prevent a recurrence. They will evaluate your overall health, not just your gums or teeth. They look at your eating habits, lifestyle and emotional well-being.

Offers Nutritional Guidance

Holistic dentists can guide you to a healthier diet, so you can get closer to achieving optimum health. They can also help you make better food choices. Holistic dentistry in Westlake Village, CA can help you change your diet to improve your oral health naturally.

Holistic dentistry considers all aspects of overall health, so you receive more than just dental care. Contact Dr. Manu Dave Kacker at to schedule a holistic dental exam.

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