The Importance of Fixing a Slab Leak Palm Desert CA

Slab leaks are a plumbing issue that has to be addressed before it causes water damage to your structure. The slab refers to the concrete foundation poured before buildings are constructed. Even before the concrete slab for a building’s foundation is poured, water lines are placed for plumbing purposes for indoor plumbing for the structure. A Slab Leak Palm Desert CA experience can create more problems beyond the leak itself. The following will address the problems you will be avoiding by tending to the leak(s) as soon as you know it is happening.

High Water Bills

A water line leak of any kind is going to cause you to use more water which will result in a high water bill. This is an expense you can avoid when you address any kind of slab leak immediately. If your slab is leaking water, it is likely you have a leak in a water line or a burst water pipe under your foundation.

Floor and Foundation Damage

If you fail to call a plumber right away, a Slab Leak Palm Desert CA problem will cause damage to your foundation and your floors. This kind of leak will cause cracks in the foundation of a basement or other sub flooring, ruin carpeting, cause bubbles in linoleum, and will completely ruin hardwood floors. The repair costs for these problems alone can reach into the thousands of dollars.

Mold Growth

Avoid mold growth by getting Slab Leak Palm Desert CA help right away. Mold will grow in damp and moist spaces inside your home which is prone to causing respiratory problems especially in people with sensitivities to mold, allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues. The health and safety of your home and family depends on getting the problems addressed quickly. Mold can begin growing within a few hours after water leaks.

Other problems you will be avoiding when you seek help right away include musty and foul odors in your home and outdoor property and lawn damage. Slab Leak Palm Desert CA professionals like the plumbers at Southwest Plumbing provide honest and dependable services for slab leak detection, prevention, and repairs as well as other plumbing services. Slab leaks are serious issues that should not be neglected. You can avoid further damage and issues by getting plumbing help as soon as possible.

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