The importance of eye exams

It is important to undergo annual eye exams to monitor your optical health; it is unfortunate that many people fail to take eye exams in Cambridge, MA. Annual eye exams can identify vision problems which can be corrected in their early stages but only if they are caught early. Unfortunately, without taking an eye exam the condition can manifest itself and it may be too late for corrective action. It is for this reason that optometrists prefer to see patients annually but at minimum, every two years.

During the eye exam the optometrist will check for refractive error which is either near or far sightedness. As well as conducting this test, the doctor will study the area around the eye as well as the eye, looking for any signs of eye disease. During this investigative process, many different machines are used and at the end of the exam, your eyes will be dilated so that the optometrist can study the back of the eyes.

Most people are prompted to make an appointment with the optometrist to be checked for refractive error. Patients who already wear corrective lenses take annual exams to ensure their prescription has not changed. For those who have yet to wear glasses, the exam can quickly establish if there is a need for them or not and if so, how strong they must be to correct the patients vision. Children may not know or sense that their vision is changing or failing so it is very important that they have annual eye exams in Cambridge, MA. If a child complains of headaches or not being able to see things in the classroom, an eye exam is warranted immediately.

As well as determining near or far sightedness, during the eye exam the optometrist will check the area surrounding the eye, looking at the eyelashes and under the eyelid. The doctor uses a bright light to look for any early signs of glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration. The pressure that is exerted on the eye is checked as is the optic nerve, retina and cornea.

As important as regular eye exams are, protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun by wearing sunglasses and following a healthy diet are also important.

Annual eye exams in Cambridge, MA are very important for your optical health and general well-being. You are invited to make an early appointment at General Optical Company. Visit website to know more.

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