The Importance of Drum Pumps for the Processing Industry

In the past, many kinds of raw materials came inside of 55-gallon drums. In fact, even today, drums are the main source of a wide range of liquids and semi-liquids for industrial processing. That is why it’s important to have dependable equipment (like Murzan pumps) for your business. Here are some important reasons to choose the best possible pumping equipment.

What is a Drum Pump?

A drum pump is specifically designed to go inside the fitting on the ends of large drums. In some cases, you can install a rack or hanger to drain liquids from drums using gravity. However, this only works on materials with low viscosity, and when you rely on gravity only, you have little control over the flow rate of the liquids.

With a drum pump (like Murzan pumps) you only need to install the pump into the drum and connect the fittings. This makes drum storage simple and easy because there is no need to tip the drums or change their position. You can mount several drums side by side and when one is emptied, simply transfer your system to another one.

Drum Pumps Types

Drums can use many types of pumping equipment. For example, some systems utilize:

  • Electricity
  • Air pressure
  • Siphon action
  • Diaphragms
  • Levers
  • Rotary mechanisms
  • Pistons

Challenges with Removing Materials from Drums

Many materials today, like syrups, jam, peanut butter, tomato sauce, and other viscous materials come in large drums. This creates a challenge for pumping systems because a standard drum pump would soon clog under this kind of pressure. That’s why Murzan pumps are often preferred.

These pumps are designed for easy operation and can use metering or PLC methods. The manufacturer produces several types to ensure you get the best unloading equipment for your needs. Some pumps can handle drums as large as three hundred gallons.

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