The Importance Of Detox In Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Programs

While detox is the most challenging and difficult part of drug rehab services, it is an essential component of all Los Angeles addiction treatment programs. Typically everyone coming into a recovery program will go through detox although there are some exceptions.

Understanding the importance of detoxification in your recovery will help you to stay the course. The amount of time spent in detox in Los Angeles addiction treatment programs will depend on several factors, and there is also an individual response as well which can vary from person to person.

Flushing Out the System

The detox component of any of the best Los Angeles addiction treatment programs will be made as comfortable as possible for each client. For many people, detox can be completed within the rehab facility and includes what is known as sub-acute support.

This means that there are no life-threatening symptoms or health issues for the client. There are supplements, dietary choices and even medications that can be used to help to minimize the physical and mental issues associated with detox.

The most common symptoms of most types of addictions include feelings of fatigue, aches and pains, nausea and headaches combined with anxiety, irritability and even some anger or hostility. For more significant detoxification from long-term drug use or alcohol use, hospitalization may be required to address more significant withdrawal symptoms.

Brain Chemistry Changes

During the detox phase of the top Los Angeles addiction treatment programs, the brain will change its chemistry as well. The presence of drugs or alcohol alters the levels of specific chemicals in the brain, creating the cravings and desire to use again.

Other brain chemicals associated with addiction include the chemicals that control mood, which is why detoxification often includes anxiety, irritability, and even anger. Once the drugs and alcohol are out of the system, the brain chemistry will balance out, helping to eliminate the desire to use again and allow more effective thinking for therapy and personal growth.

In all Los Angeles addiction treatment programs, the emphasis is on educating addicts, and the family, about the disease of addiction. Once people understand it is a chemical reaction and change in the brain driving the behaviors, there is a greater chance for true recovery and healing without relapse. This understanding can only come about when the drugs or alcohol is out of the system and not influencing brain chemistry.

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