The Importance of Choosing a Licensed Construction Contractor in Saint Paul MN for Residential Projects

Some people take the risk of hiring an unlicensed contractor when they want to have substantial remodeling projects completed or even have a new house constructed. However, there are distinct advantages with hiring a licensed Construction Contractor in Saint Paul MN. Prospective customers should always check the license and insurance status of a contractor before arranging for home improvement or homebuilding work to be done.

Cutting Costs vs. Getting Superb Work

Property owners might choose an unlicensed contractor to save money. Perhaps a buddy or a relative has used the services of this individual and provided a recommendation. But a license ensures customers that a Construction Contractor in Saint Paul MN meets industry standards and has a certain level of skill and expertise. Also, if the work is shoddy and not up to code, the property owner is responsible for making the required modifications.

People naturally want to save money, but having major construction projects done by a person without a license is too big of a risk. It doesn’t matter how much experience that person appears to have. Minnesota does not require general contractors to be licensed by the state, but the most reputable builders and home improvement specialists hold licenses from their municipality.

Homeowners Insurance Considerations

Homeowners insurance policies generally exclude payments for any damage connected with contractors without a license. Hiring a casual acquaintance to replace a roof will be a very regrettable decision if a severe storm damages the roof and the insurer will not pay for repairs. The insurance company’s point of view is that the roof may have held up better if the work had been done by a licensed roofer.

A Better Option

Hiring a licensed general contractor such as George F Cook Construction is a better option than taking a chance that a remodeling project, the construction of an addition or the building or a brand new house will develop significant problems shortly. Satisfaction with one’s home is one of the essential aspects of a person’s well-being. The license can be verified with the municipality or through online sources that list contractors with this credential.
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