The Importance of AC Repair and Service in McDonough GA

You have the option to choose how you care for your air conditioning unit in which you pay to help insured functions properly. You can pay for servicing of your air conditioning unit on a routine basis or you can pay for a major repair due to inadequate maintenance which can be extraordinarily expensive when the time comes. When it comes to AC repair and service, McDonough, GA customers can benefit from the extraordinary capabilities offered by top-tier HVAC companies in the industry. They can help maintain your AC or provide necessary repairs when required.

Proper AC Maintenance
Without having proper maintenance services performed on a routine basis, an AC unit can lose around 5% of its efficiency per year in use. A routine tune-up and proper maintenance can recover much or all of this lost efficiency. With regular servicing, it is possible to retain 95% of the efficiency of cooling system had at the beginning of its service life. Therefore, yearly tune-ups can save you money down the road in future repair costs.

When your cooling system is functioning properly and has been serviced by an experienced AC repair and service professional, it should have the capability to maintain the average home with a comfortable environment, even when temperatures are extraordinarily high outside.

AC Service Checks
Checking the air conditioning unit in your home can involve cleaning the condensing unit coils and inspecting the amp draw of the compressor. In addition, an AC technician may oil the fan motors and evaluate all of the belts for possible adjustment. Other checks involve the temperatures and operating pressures of the system to make sure they are in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Each component of an air conditioning system is important. The cooling level is one of the most important aspects of an AC system. The level of coolant in the system is highly important to the proper functioning of the system. The cost to operate the system may increase as the level of the cooling fluid decreases. Any regular AC maintenance and repair regimen should include a check of the coolant level.

If you are in need of AC repair and service in the McDonough GA area, get in touch with an experienced HVAC service company today.

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