The Hidden Signs of Bulimia and What You Need to Know to Identify Them

Bulimia is a condition that many people deal with in silence for months and sometimes years before anyone notices. The ability to identify one or more symptoms of bulimia in a friend or loved one could be the determining factor between life and death. Noticing that there is an issue could lead to the proper treatment that could ultimately save a life and hopefully bring the bulimic disorder to a permanent end. However, it’s not easy to pinpoint the symptoms if you’re not certain what to look for and the condition could continue for much longer which leads to more severe issues. Many people ignore the abrupt change in attitude of a bulimic person or they simply blame it on other life related issues such as age, social settings or other stressful ordeals. However, taking a moment to consider the possibility of bulimia could save the life of the victim and the well-being of the family.

The Warning Signs

One of the most obvious and prominent signs of bulimia is the persons change of attitude regarding food. One who suffers from bulimia reacts completely different towards food than a normal person does. In fact, they are much more guarded and determined to hide behind their food foe. Most bulimics aren’t willing to approach the topic of food without becoming withdrawn or upset. Any small comment can spark a negative reaction from the person dealing with bulimia. Many who experience bulimic conditions are paranoid and full of anger about what they are going through and display these signs when asked about their eating habits. The effects bulimia can have on the mind and body can be tremendously life changing and wreak havoc on the family as well.

Small Things

It must be understood that bulimics are in constant shame of their condition and will go to extreme lengths to hide their condition. This includes eating alone and binging while others are out of the home, sleeping or showering. Many times bulimics will volunteer to clean the kitchen so they can indulge in any leftovers they can find. They become experts at hiding their habits of binging and this can cause the condition to go unnoticed for a long period of time. Therefore, it’s imperative that friends and loved ones pay particularly close attention to the small habits and patterns of anyone suspected of being bulimic.

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