The Hand Dryer Basics: Understanding The Types

Paper towels serve the purpose, but for those that own any kind of commercial establishment, you know just how uneconomical using paper towels can be if you have a lot of traffic and customers using your restrooms. A better alternative that can save your budget is the hand dryer. Now, it is one thing to realize the need for a hand dryer, and another to know exactly which the best hand dryers are. When choosing a hand dryer, here are some important basics to keep in mind;

There are three basic types of hand dryers, the basic, high speed and automatic varieties. The traditional hand dryer comes with buttons that users push in order to have the hot air blown out. These dryers take about between 30 and 45 seconds to dry hands. They are affordable, but they might be slower than other varieties in the market. The use of a button might not be sanitary, and they might use more energy than most.

The high speed hand dryer was borne out of the need to fill the gaps left by the traditional hand dryer. These dryers work within between 10 and 15 seconds, making them a much faster and convenient option among customers. They are, however, costlier than the traditional hand dryer, and might in some instances be noisier. They are however faster and more energy efficient. Buying them is a trade-off between the noise and the increased effectiveness.

Automatic hand dryers remove the need for the traditional push of a button that exists in some high speed hand dryers and in the traditional variety. As soon as they are needed, they turn on automatically and then off as soon as one removes their hands when dry. Without the need for pushing a button, they are useful for sanitary purposes since the user will not have to touch anything. They are also more energy efficient in some scenarios even more than the high speed variety since there is no need for the blowing of hot air any moment longer than should be. The buyer must, however keep in mind that these are most times more expensive.

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