The Guide To Plastic Recycling In New Jersey

Although plastic recycling is simple in theory, it’s still possible for people new to the concept of Recycling in New Jersey to get confused. Thankfully for aspiring recyclers, it’s relatively easy to get familiar with the ins and outs of plastic recycling. How is it possible to tell which plastics can be recycled? Some think that the arrows on plastic containers indicate that the containers can be recycled. However, that is not the case. The chasing arrows are used to refer to the resin content of the container. To find out which plastics a recycler takes, a person has to ask about plastic numbers and container types.

Plastic Recycling in New Jersey can vary from recycling company to recycling company. Some companies are willing to take all high-density polyethylene(HDPE) plastics so that people won’t be confused. In reality, companies may only recycle plastic bottles. The other containers that have wide mouths may be dealt with like any other garbage. Wide-mouth containers are the ones that typically hold deli meats, yogurts, and sherbert. People looking for recycling companies can specifically ask about wide-mouth recycling and bottle recycling. Disposal Services Inc and most other quality companies can answer questions via email.

Another thing that people typically wonder about Plastic Recycling in New Jersey is just how clean the containers need to be before being tossed inside a recycling bin. The containers that are going to be recycled don’t have to be thoroughly cleaned out. With most containers, simply rinsing them out with water will do. Although residue is fine to have inside containers, it’s good practice to remove as much food as possible. It just helps to make the process easier for the recyclers. Caps should be removed because they might not be able to be recycled. Also, leaving caps on containers can cause a dangerous amount of pressure to build inside of the containers. Workers could be injured.

People often make the mistake of dumping plastic bags in plastic containers. Although plastic bags can be recycled, recyclers will want to take them separately. Understand that not all recyclers are equipped to deal with plastic bags. Fortunately, there are search tools that are online that people can use to find companies that will recycle plastic bags.

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