The Growing Appeal Of Pouch Packaging

In the marketplace, consumers find themselves subjected to a variety of packaging choices. They are all vying for their attention and purchase. One type of packaging design and development seeing impressive growth is pouch packaging. Statistics indicate that both globally, and in the United States, this type is going to increase by a significant percentage. A number of factors are driving this.

Factors Affecting Growth

For those who design and manufacture pouches, innovation is the key to success. They are making advancements in several areas that are effectively driving up interest. They are revolutionizing the product, its capabilities and effectiveness in a variety of ways including

* Versatility: Pouch packaging comes in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Companies provide value-added features. These latest pouches may sport handles or zippers. They feature straws, spoons or tear-off tabs. Some variations, such as the enclosable stand-up pouch, are gaining in popularity
* Adaptability: Companies can adapt the design to create a unique brand for their company and product
* Portability: Consumers can carry a pouch anywhere
* Convenience: This is an attractive quality for many
* Product Freshness: The latest technology introduces impressive seal and material technology. This increases the ability of pouch packaging to help many products retain their freshness longer
* Sustainability: While some may argue otherwise, some pouches, in many ways, leave less of an environmental footprint than do other packaging types e.g. amount of energy employed to produce, less emission of carbon dioxide during production, demands less landfill space

For companies who produce this type of packaging, pouches are easy to store and ship, being both light and flatter than many alternatives.

Pouch Packaging

For those who are in the packaging industry, pouches may offer the best return on their investment. The current growth in this type of packaging globally offers the promise of increased rewards. This makes pouch packaging an attractive feature to add to their existing production and packaging systems.

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