The Fun Experience of Learning Merengue Dance in Kingwood

For something different from the dance styles that people are generally familiar with in this country, individuals who enjoy dancing might decide to take lessons in Merengue dance. This version of the activity originated in the Dominican Republic and became the country’s official style of music and dance. For lessons in Merengue Dance Kingwood residents can sign up at a studio and start having fun learning new steps.

Merengue is considered as belonging to the people of a Caribbean Island that includes not only the Dominican Republic but Haiti as well. It combines the steps and other moves of traditional African dances with the more formal French minuet. Cuban influences are also in evidence, as are Creole influences that are intrinsic to the Haitian population. The dance came into being in the 1800s and eventually started being seen in the New York City area, perhaps introduced by travelers and immigrants. It’s considered a Latin dance, along with steps like the salsa and the tango. Upbeat music characterizes the experience. Percussion and accordion are fundamental, while guitar and other stringed instruments can be added for a richer sound.

Although this is categorized as a ballroom dance, the steps are not as extravagant and wide-reaching as some other popular styles. That makes it an ideal dance for crowded floors and for couples who like to dance in their own living rooms. The couple stays close together while performing the steps. Some solo and double turns can be performed if there’s enough room. Although the steps do not require traveling about an entire ballroom, the dance provides plenty of activity for improving and maintaining fitness. In regard to Merengue Dance Kingwood residents enjoy participating in lessons while meeting new people and getting healthy exercise.

A primary advantage to learning this activity is that the steps can be relatively simple and dancers aren’t restricted to specific moves. That makes it an ideal experience for beginners at a location such as Fred Astaire Dance Studios, while more experienced individuals also have fun learning different steps there. Eventually, more complex moves like an eight-count step pattern can be practiced.

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