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Pipe bending refers to the assorted processes and methods by which metal pipes are bent to form various angles and curves. Types of metal pipes commonly used for bending include those made of ferrous metals – such as steel, steel alloy, and stainless steel – and those made of nonferrous metals – such as aluminum, copper, and nickel. Simple bends, such as elbow bends and U-bends, are very common. Elbow bends range from 2 to 90 degrees, while U-bends are 180 degrees. More complicated bends are two plane bends, two-dimensional bends, and three-dimensional bends. These include multiple bends per pipe with a variety of pipe opening and bend positions.

Some methods used for pipe bending are press, rotary draw, roll, and heat-induction. These methods can be freeform or form-bound, as well as heat or cold-forming. Press bending is a simple method in which a pipe is pressed against a bend die, forcing the pipe to take on the shape of the bend. Rotary draw bending is carried out by a rotary draw machine equipped with die sets with a consistent center line radius. In roll bending, the pipe is passed through a machine containing a series of rollers which apply pressure to the pipe. An induction coil is placed around a pipe and heated to a high temperature for heat-induction bending. For all of these methods, mandrels can be inserted into the pipes to aid bending and prevent wrinkling and breaking. Pipe bending machines can be manual, hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, or mechanical. The type of machine and method used are dependent upon the specific bend required and the size and composition of the pipe.

In order for pipe bending in Seattle, Washington to be successful, it is necessary to take into consideration certain factors such as the inside and outside diameter of the pipe, wall thickness of the pipe, the material comprising the pipe, and the desired degree of bend. Common pipe bending problems can be prevented by using the right method and machine for the job, setting the tooling properly, and using the correct bending formulas.

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