The Effectiveness and Ease of Application of Waterproof Coatings in Seattle, WA

Often times, the biggest issue facing residential basements or subterranean levels of commercial buildings is the water leakage concrete walls experience. While there are some ways water can be channeled away from these lower-level walls, they may not always work. Waterproofing the exterior of the walls may be an option in a home basement, but it may not be possible for the lower levels of a highrise building. In these situations, waterproof coatings in Seattle WA will be the best option.

Easy to Apply

In many instances, waterproof coatings are applied as easily as paint is applied to a wall. These coatings can come in multiple colors and, if decorative accents are important, the waterproofing coatings can go along with an interior design much like any type of latex or acrylic paint. However, as it relates to the surface that these coatings are going to be applied to, there will be considerations.

Prepping the Surface

If a particular surface, such as a concrete or a cinder block wall, has multiple cracks, the imperfections will likely need to be filled in before any waterproof coatings in Seattle WA are applied. The reason for this is that concrete or cinder block walls can be rather porous, and cracks can allow excessive amounts of water into a lower level of a home or a commercial facility.

Simply painting cracks with a waterproof coating will not stop water from coming into the lower levels of the structure. Filling the cracks with a special epoxy resin eliminates the particular problem, and the epoxy that fills the cracks in the concrete wall can simply be covered up by the waterproof coating. However, sanding to make the epoxy even with the wall will help to create a seamless look.

Whether a wall has to be repaired or not, there are certain issues with excessive moisture in the lower levels of a home or a commercial building that can’t be addressed any other way than with waterproofing coatings being applied. Fortunately, these coatings are extremely effective and easy to apply. It may be the simplest and most effective method of waterproofing lower levels of a home or a commercial structure.