The Discovery Process with a Personal Injury Attorney in Kalamazoo MI

When it comes to any legal dispute it is important to work closely with your personal injury attorney in Kalamazoo MI. This will provide the legal guidance to get through this challenging time. The complexity of civil litigation is difficult to understand for many from beginning to end.

Once a lawsuit has been filed and responded to by the defending party, the stage of learning the details of the case will begin. This is referred to as the discovery stage and consists of four major parts.

The Written Interrogatories

Questions regarding the case will be sent to either party involved in the lawsuit. This will assist in learning the details of the incident that lead to a legal dispute. The amount of questions may vary from 25-50 and must be related to the case.

As the receiving party of written interrogatories, it is important to respond to any questions asked as thoroughly and concisely as possible. This will assist in strengthening your case and will be critical in the event the case proceeds to trial.

The Deposition

When a party involved in the lawsuit is requested to complete a deposition, this will involve meeting with the other party’s attorney. This will allow for any question to be asked that is directed related to the case.

The party providing the deposition must be sworn in under oath to ensure the truth is stated at all points during the deposition.

This is an oral testimony of the party involved in a legal dispute and should be thorough and communicated well to the attorney.

The Requests for Admission Statements

Statements provided to either of the parties in a lawsuit during discovery must be admitted or denied. This will work to shorten the legal process if the case proceeds to be tried in court.

The Requests for Production Documents

The time to prove your case is during the request for production documents stage. This will allow either party to provide written documentation which will assist in building a strong case. For instance, this may include a police report or email correspondence between the parties involved in the lawsuit.

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