The different types of waste management equipment

Waste management equipment is primarily used for the storage, relocation and disposal of waste. Waste can be anything that is of no further use to the individual or company; it can be household waste which is held in drop boxes in Portland OR awaiting collection and disposal all the way to toxic waste generated by a chemical plant. Due to the differences in the waste and the differences in handling it, a variety of waste disposal and treatment equipment is needed. Perhaps the most common piece of waste disposal equipment is the garbage truck seen plying the streets of towns and cities across the country, collecting waste destined for disposal in land fill sites or recycling facilities.

Waste management equipment can be extremely sophisticated; it can also be very basic such as a domestic garbage can or drop boxes in Portland OR. Domestic garbage cans are simple containers, usually made from plastic. Larger receptacles such as drop boxes or dumpsters are used where large volumes of waste are generated. These receptacles are collected against a schedule and are usually covered to combat odor and for aesthetics.

The common container in the non-domestic waste storage and collection system is the dumpster, otherwise known as a drop box. These containers are covered with flap doors which allow for the deposit of waste. After a specific period of time a collection vehicle which is purpose designed and built will arrive to dump the contents and compact it for transfer. This vehicle has arms extending to the front, the arms engage in slots on either side of the container. These forks pick up the container, lifting it over the cab and dumping the contents directly into the compactor, the empty bin is then reset in position.

Garbage trucks are made in different configurations based on the different dumpster design or the waste being handled, but typically there are defined by the way they pick up and empty the load. Garbage trucks can load a dumpster from the front, rear or side. Many side loaders collect waste from specially designed domestic waste bins and rear loaders are usually fed by hand directly into the compactor unit.

When waste is liquid it is usually collected by a pneumatic collection truck that is not unlike a huge vacuum cleaner. These vehicles have large tanks and a large diameter collection hose. The hose is lowered into the liquid waste and the waste is sucked into the on-board holding tank and eventually taken for environmentally safe disposal.

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