The Difference Between Used And Refurbished Laboratory Equipment

There can be confusion around the purchase of any type of used equipment or systems. This confusion is often escalated by misuse of specific terms or by interchanging terms.

This is very evident when talking about used or refurbished laboratory equipment. Some people may use the terms interchangeably while others recognize there are several key differences to consider.

The Basics

Used equipment can be sold as “used as is” or “certified used.” The first meaning is the equipment turns on and off and has been run through standard tests and is operational. Certified used means that all functions and features have been tested and the equipment is working correctly, with repairs possibly made to items that were not functioning correctly.

The term refurbished laboratory equipment means that the equipment has been fully tested and all repairs required have been made. In addition, the equipment has been thoroughly inspected, and any parts that show wear and tear or that need upgrading have been replaced or upgraded. Refurbished equipment is often referred to as in like-new condition as cosmetic issues may also have been corrected.

The Warranty

Typically, with used or certified used equipment, there is no warranty offered by the used equipment dealer. This can vary based on specific factors and with the policies of different companies.

In most cases, refurbished laboratory equipment will come with a limited warranty. This will usually be in effect for six months to a year, with some extending longer. Typically, the limited warranty will cover parts, and some may cover parts and labor if a repair has to be made in the warranty period.

For most costly purchases, opting for refurbished equipment over used or used certified is an important consideration. This does provide additional protection over the limited warranty period, addressing any possible repair issues that may arise.