The Difference Between a Commercial & Industrial Electrical Contractor in Joplin, MO

When the need for an electrician comes up, business owners or managers are likely to call on the first name they come across online or in the telephone directory. However, it’s important they make the distinction between a commercial and Industrial Electrical Contractor in Joplin MO. Each of these specializes in entirely different areas. The training for the two types of roles is vastly different, and it pays to understand which one is needed for the job at hand. Here are some details that will help to understand the difference between the two.

Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician is the more common of the two specialties. They are more likely to be accessible for those needing help on smaller projects. Examples would be a project in a restaurant, a small business, or retail store. A qualified electrician can work to ensure that the electrical work is done in a way that maximizes the safety and efficiency for everyone that works or visits the location.

Industrial Electrician

For someone to be qualified to do industrial electrical work, they are required to have a higher level of education and much more extensive training in the specific area. In most cases, an electrical company will require its commercial technicians to go through an apprenticeship that lasts several years to master their skills, improve accuracy, and ensure a thorough understanding of the industry at large.

These electricians work with high voltage systems, facility machinery, and various electrical components that are very expensive and play a vital role in larger industrial companies, so there is no room for mistakes. These masterful technicians have a deep understanding of their trade, a keen eye, and the skills that allow them to do difficult electrical work.

While commercial and industrial electricians both have the same basic training and knowledge, a commercial electrician is much more accessible to the public while an industrial electrician is essential for high-stakes electrical services. Those in need of an Industrial Electrical Contractor in Joplin MO can turn to. They have been around since 1964 and had a staff of over 300 to serve their clients. They are one company offering many solutions.

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