The Copeland AC Compressor: Proven Reliability

If you are concerned with the reliability of your AC system, perhaps it is time to contact a supplier of Copeland compressors. A product of Emerson Climate Technologies, the Copeland AC compressor is popular for its proven ability to provide customers with the level of comfort they seek. The latest Scroll models provide customers with proven reliability.

Copeland Scroll Compressors

The latest offering by Emerson, the Copeland Scroll™ compressor, is a variable speed model. The company is now into its second-generation offerings of this type of compressor. The design and engineering behind these models work to provide them with the ability to fulfill their function in a commercial setting with high efficiency. As a component in a heating and cooling system, these models provide the following qualities:

 * Maximum cooling (and heating) efficiency
 * Reduced use of energy – this translates into monetary savings as high as 40% annually
 * Enhanced load proficiency – at both full and part or light load
 * Diagnostic capabilities
 * Durability – the design is meant to withstand its functional environment
 * CoreSense technology – allows it to detect and record system and electrical problems
 *  CoreSense Communications – using CoreSense technology, a technician can troubleshoot and prepare to address any potential and/or existing problems from a remote location before visiting the actual site.

Overall, like all successful lines, the Copeland AC compressor – Scroll models, represents the best of what the company has to offer. In terms of reliability and in-field performance, scroll compressors provide their owners with outstanding results.

Copeland AC Compressor

When looking at compressor manufacturers and distributors consider the quality, price, and reputation of the various they represent. Look for reliability, durability, and ease of maintenance in their AC units and systems. Undoubtedly, one name that will always come to the fore is Copeland. A Copeland AC compressor, particularly the scroll model, rises above its competition, not merely meeting, but surpassing the accepted standards.