The Cooling Difference With Patio Misting Fans

A restaurant, café or any venue with outdoor seating needs to consider the benefit of having the option to create the perfect temperature for their customer space. The same is true with a home patio, deck or outdoor living space.

Too often the most gorgeous time of the day is also the hottest, limiting the comfort in being outside. By adding patio misting fans both commercial and residential deck areas can be cool, comfortable and ideal for use even in the hot afternoon and early evening hours.

The Fan Problem

Many businesses and homeowners turn to the utilization of the larger portable fans or ceiling mounted fans to attempt to cool down outdoor spaces. The problem with tradition fans is that all they can do is move the air, they do not have any ability to change the ambient temperature. Using fans results in the movement of hot air, which provides only a very limited cooling effect.

Along with the movement of hot air come the noise and the wind factor with a fan. Having a constant stream of wind makes it uncomfortable and annoying while overhead fans typically do not provide enough air movement.

The Misting Fan Solution

Patio misting fans offer the perfect solution to the use of traditional fans. These fans are designed to include a series of nozzles that disperse very fine droplets of water into the air around the fan. These droplets are just microns in size, which allow for the flash evaporation of the water, drawing heat from the air.

This naturally occurring flash evaporation can cool the temperature of the air surrounding the fan by as much as forty degrees. The cooler air is then gently blown down from the fan, resulting in a pleasant, comfortable breeze.

Different sizes of patio misting fans are available for smaller or larger spaces. Extremely efficient and practical to use, top lines of misting fans are designed to match any outdoor décor, add to the look and the comfort of the area.

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