The Concept of Cash For Car Title in Lake Worth FL

Cash For Car Title in Lake Worth FL is a concept that helps vehicle owners get money fast with no credit checks. The title and vehicle are surrendered to the lender in exchange for a loan up to the value of the car. Once the loan and the interest is paid back, the car and title are returned to the owner. If that money is not paid back, the vehicle is kept to allow the lender to recoup losses. It is not an ideal situation, but it is an option when a bank loan is not possible due to credit problems, or the money is needed faster than a bank loan can be processed.

The transaction is legal and works well for people in areas with public transportation. Those in households with more than one vehicle can also make that arrangement work. It is a drastic measure but does serve a purpose. One company, called Cash 2 U, provides a convenient twist on the concept of Cash For Car Title in Lake Worth FL. The title of the vehicle is surrendered upon receipt of the loan, but the vehicle does not have to be surrendered. Applicants have full use of the vehicle while the loan is being paid back. There are no application fees, no credit checks, and no penalties for paying off the loan early. One year is the time limit for the loan to be paid back in full. Loans of up to three-thousand dollars will be approved, depending on the appraisal of the vehicle. Most loan applications are approved within one hour.

Accepted vehicles are the model year 2004 or newer, with less than one-hundred and thirty-thousand miles on them. The vehicle must be in excellent working condition, and free from all other liens. Those wishing to apply can download the application online to expedite the process. Required paperwork includes a Florida car title, a driver’s license, a current insurance card, as well as proof of residency and income. No loans will be approved without all required paperwork. Interest rates are simple, terms are clearly explained, and a check is provided. The process is fast, easy, and the car can still be driven as normal.