The Challenges Of Using Reclaimed Lead Shot For Reloading

There are many different places to buy reclaimed lead shot for those shooting enthusiasts who choose to make their own ammunition. Many gun ranges will sell reclaimed lead shot for reloading, while it is also readily available online through private sellers or even through online auction sites such as eBay and others.

Smelting Concerns

The one big challenge with using this type of bulk purpose of reclaimed lead shot for reloading is that it tends to be a mix of the chilled lead shot and the magnum shot. This is not necessarily a problem, but it does mean a variation.

Additionally, depending on where you purchase it from, there can be a lot of dirt and debris in the mix. It is also not uncommon for steel shot to sometimes find its way into the mix, which makes it much more difficult to smelt at home. This also means that the lead content in the reclaimed lead shot produced is not the same as it would be in buying bulk chilled or magnum shot.

For the same price, it is possible to start with great ammunition and then reload after shooting. This allows you to control all the factors in the original quality as well as the cleaning process used on the reclaimed shot.

Reloading Concerns

If you are going to use the reclaimed lead shot for reloading without any processing of the shot, it is important to carefully select the shot that has been fully cleaned. Some are sold air cleaned while other companies provide a complete cleaning process.

With any types of dirt or steel in the reclaimed shot, it is possible to scratch the barrel of a gun. While this type of damage is typically minor and can be buffed out, it is additional work and upkeep on your weapons.

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