The Car Spa: Auto Detailing in Baltimore

Do you recall when you drove your car off the dealer’s lot for the first time? Do you remember how new it smelled, how clean it was, its lack of dirt and dust? (Not to mention sandwich wrappers, fast food bags, discarded coffee cups, old receipts, etc.) Do you remember the exterior? How shiny it was? Not single dead insect stuck to the headlights.

Ahh, the beauty of a new car.

This experience can be yours again, and again! With auto detailing in Baltimore, you can drive away again in that state of pristine splendor. All you have to do is to call Diamond Detail Inc. for auto detailing in Baltimore. Drop your car off to them in the morning after choosing the exact services that your car requires, and pick it up later looking, feeling and smelling as rejuvenated as if it had been for a day at the spa (which it has, the car spa)!

There are three parts to excellent Auto Detailing in Baltimore.

First, your car will be thoroughly hand washed and dried. The tires will be scrubbed and all bugs, grime, tar and road gunk will be removed. Then the car will be waxed and polished to a high sheen and a premium sealant applied to protect and prolong its appearance. Any minor scratches your car might have can be removed by auto detailing in Baltimore at this time.

Second, your car’s engine will be scrubbed, degreased and power washed. A clean car motor not only helps you spot any leaks or spills more readily, but it also increases the car’s resale value and helps it to run more efficiently.

Last, the interior is thoroughly cleaned and deodorized. It will be vacuumed with a high pressure vacuum and state of the art tools that reach into every crevice and pull up all of the sand, dust, and dog hair that has accumulated since the car was last detailed. The carpets and upholstery will be shampooed and all dirt extracted. Stains will be removed, leather surfaces conditioned, mirrors and dash gauges completely cleaned. If desired, a protectant can be applied to all upholstery to increase its ability to resist spills and stains in the future.

By the time the detailing is completed your car will look, smell and feel as good as it did when it was new!

auto detailing in Baltimore

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