The Brown Police Uniform Basics

Different states have different police officers; thus each police department has their own set of uniforms. Most common are black and blue police uniforms. On the other hand, though there are other police officers that wear a brown police uniform, oftentimes the sheriff’s department as well as the park and wildlife department would usually wear brown ones too.

Where to Find a Brown Police Uniform

Police uniforms can be found in specialty store where they deal only with police and servicemen equipment and apparel. Although brown is not as common as the NYPD blue and black uniforms, they are still available in most law enforcement uniform shops around the country.

How Much Does It Cost?

A complete brown police uniform set varies in price range, depending on the inclusions of the set. To give you an idea of how much it would cost you a hat may range from $15 up to $95. That is a campaign hat that has a wide variation in materials used. Long and short sleeved shirts usually range from $25 to $40. Long pants usually range from $30 up to $100 while short pants can sell for as low as $15. You will also need a tie to go with that which is around $10 to $15. Roughly about $150 would be enough to get you a tie, a shirt, a pair of pants and a decent police officer hat.

What is the Difference Between Blue, Black and Brown Police Uniforms?

As mentioned earlier, different states have different police offices; thus, they also sport different colored uniforms. On the other hand, the traditional color is blue. Although there are different hues of blue that have been used throughout time, the most popular color used today in the police force was dubbed as the “NYPD blue”, which is popularized by the New York City police department.

Another color that is commonly used in police uniforms is black, which is also the one used in many films. Brown, on the other hand, is also being used by the police force although not as much as blue and black.

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