The Best Veterinary Clinic HSHV putting an end to animal cruelty

Animal Cruelty and the number of homeless animals has become a huge problem today. We are seeing an overpopulation of animals on the streets who have no home and who unfortunately do not have food, shelter or a loving home. It is heartbreaking when watching the news and hearing stories of animals that have starved to death or have been living in abusive homes with owners who beat them and make them suffer day in and day out. Believe it or not animals are a lot like humans, they have needs, emotionally, physically and mentally and it is extremely heartbreaking to come to the realization that a lot of animals are being denied those needs and are suffering each and every day.

The Humane Society of Huron Valley in Ann Arbor Michigan is a not-for-profit tax exempt public charity organization that works each and every day to help put an end to animal cruelty. The mission of the humane society of Huron valley is to support the loving, responsible care of all the animals in their community. They strive to live by their mission by ensuring proper, nurturing care of the animals in their shelter, working hard to place adoptable animals in loving homes, reducing pet over population, caring for the physical well being of the pets in their community, providing education and out reach for community members and putting an end to animal cruelty.

This humane society does not stop at just finding pets homes and ending animal cruelty they also offer a large list of services to pets and pet owners as well. They run one of The Best Veterinary Clinic where pet owners can rely on excellent doctors to make sure their furry friends are in optimal health. They also have a lost and found, you can go there to surrender or transfer animals, their vets can spade or neuter your pet, they offer dog training, behaviour health, pet food assistance and end of life services. The Humane society of Huron valley is providing a great service to animals in the Michigan area. All animals deserve to be taken care of and loved, abuse and cruelty has to come to an end one way or another and this organization is definitely taking a step in the right direction.

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