The Best Times To Book Moving Services In Nashville

Not everyone in Nashville has the option to choose when to plan their move. In many cases, the closing date on their home or the end of the lease is going to dictate when they need to be out of their current residence.

It is possible to negotiate these types of things in many cases, particularly as part of the sale of the home. If possible, there are some simple things to keep in mind to make it easy to book the best moving services by avoiding the busiest moving periods throughout the year.

Spring , Winter and Fall Vs. Summer

Moving anytime outside of the summer months of June, July and August make it easier to book the moving services you want. The months when school is out are always the busiest for moving companies in any city, and Nashville is no different.

Moving outside of the summer also means cooler temperatures, with the late spring and early fall often a perfect time to plan a move from Nashville.

During The Week

Moving on Monday through Thursday is also a better option than Friday through Sunday, particularly if there is limited notice for the move. Weekends are always busier than mid-week, which can become challenging moving into apartments or condos when booking freight elevators also has to be considered.

Middle of the Month

Mid-month moves outside of the first and last days of the month are less busy than those key weekends. Often in apartment and condo moves three is limited option to move in early, but it may be worth looking into pro-rating the month in the new place to take advantage of lower moving rates.

If at all possible, and particularly for short notice moves, try to avoid moving on a long weekend. Often trucks and crews from top moving services are booked months in advance for these prime moving dates.

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