The Best Materials for Railing Systems in Hawaii for a Coastal Environment

A business owner who plans to have a new building constructed wants to have railings for safety purposes at locations on the exterior of the structure. Depending on the design of the building, the owner may really want wood railings for their natural, traditional appearance. However, commercial Railing Systems in Hawaii are rarely made of this material.

Salt and Sun

Wood railings can be just as sturdy and dependable for safety purposes as those built from other materials. But Hawaii’s environment must be taken into consideration. Although the islands feel like a paradise to people, being surrounded by an ocean brings salt into the air. Even a minimal amount of salt is harsh on wood, as is the abundant sunlight in this region. A great deal of regular maintenance is required for upkeep.

Corrosion-Resistant Metal

Commercial Railing Systems in Hawaii typically are made of corrosion-resistant metal; that includes aluminum and galvanized steel. Aluminum is one of the best weather-resistant materials around. It won’t rust, and it’s impervious to rain, to moisture in the air from sea spray, and to seemingly endless hours of bright sunshine. In addition, it is not attractive to insects or rodents, which can be a problem with wood.

Aluminum Products

Standard aluminum railings will need to be repainted at some point. Powder-coated and anodized models are available from a company such as Structural Systems and do not need this extra maintenance. A much wider range of colors is available with the powder-coated products. Visit today.

Aluminum holds up very well in some of the harshest coastal environments; experts recommend powder-coated aluminum in seashore settings since aluminum is not completely corrosion-proof. Even though it doesn’t rust, the salty air can gradually start eating away at the finish.

Preventing the Need for Maintenance

Buildings situated within a mile of the shore need materials that are not strongly affected by the saltwater spray. Otherwise, owners can expect to spend a significant amount of time on maintenance or money to hire out this work. Business owners should inquire about warranties for the railing systems as well. Warranties are likely to be more limited for systems to be constructed close to the water. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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