The Best Flowers to Include in Funeral Floral Arrangements in Miami FL

If you’re planning a funeral, having the right floral arrangements can help honor a deceased loved one better while giving attendees greater comfort. Here are some of the best flowers for funeral floral arrangements that you can order for flower delivery in Miami FL.


Dahlias come in several different colors, which makes these flowers one of the most versatile options. You can choose from white, pink and purple petal colors to add to funeral floral arrangements. Striped dahlias are available as well.


Whether you choose orchids that have blue, yellow or orange pedals, you’ll be able to create special floral arrangements with these flowers. Purple orchids are especially great for showing honor for a deceased loved one, and the color purple also symbolizes loyalty.

White Roses

White roses are especially good for funerals because of their ability to elicit feelings of peace among funeral attendees. These flowers can also be added to floral cross arrangements for funerals with strong religious themes and ordered for flower delivery in Miami FL.


Daisies can add some vitality to funeral floral arrangements and help you and others at the funeral celebrate the deceased person’s life. White daisies are always attractive additions. You can also try pairing some yellow and orange gerbera daisies with ferns to display a symbol of sincerity.


White and purple chrysanthemums are appropriate for funerals because these colors are often used to represent pain and loss. Red chrysanthemums can also be incorporated into funeral floral arrangements to symbolize love.

The right flowers at a funeral can show your appreciation of a deceased loved one while also showing respect for guests. Choosing the best colors and arrangements will help make the funeral a more meaningful and memorable gathering that will make it easier for everyone to bid their final farewells.

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