The Best and Safest Ketamine Treatment For Depression

Countless individuals are currently suffering from depression worldwide. Depression debilitates and causes mental suffering. It causes people to lose control of their emotions and thoughts. And it affects even the most diligent and strong-willed. If you are currently suffering from depression, your performance at school or work has perhaps suffered one way or another. Continue reading about an interesting ketamine treatment for depression in Chicago.

Ketamine Is Highly Effective

Not only do conventional antidepressant treatments take weeks to take effect, but a lot of people do not respond well to them. Also, cases of depression vary. Sometimes, the problem is not a lack of will or motivation. Depression can simply become chronic. In spite of your efforts, do you many times struggle to focus or to think clearly? Depression impedes one’s mind to function optimally. The ketamine treatment for depression in Chicago is promising. Patients usually receive around six infusions of ketamine every three weeks. And patients see results hours after getting treated.

Supplementation Is Available

The healthcare workers that help patients believe in holistic alternatives. Do you live in an area that is cloudy and cold most of the year? Well, you could get a vitamin D-3 injection. Or you could get a cocktail injection meant for depression. This cocktail is composed of both the Myers’ Cocktail and folic acid. The Myers Cocktail, which contains ingredients like dexpanthenol and magnesium, is great for combating headaches and fatigue. Folic acid has mood-boosting effects.

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