The Best Air Conditioning Service Peachtree City Has Ever Had

There must be a law written somewhere that air conditioners die on scorching hot days. The heat goes out during the worst cold spell since George Washington was at Valley Forge. So after tinkering with it for a while and nothing happens, it’s time to call someone.

Most people call two or three contractors for estimates. Chances are they are quoting different units and services. Should you just go for the lowest price? Would the biggest unit be better? Here are five tips on buying a new air conditioning unit.

Buy the contractor, not the unit. A reliable, established and knowledgeable contractor will be able to advise on the best unit. It will be installed correctly and if problems arise, he will be there. He will make recommendations for routine and preventative maintenance.

Buy the unit that is the right size for the home. The contractor should examine all parts of the current system (ducts, furnace, etc.) before making a recommendation.

In some cases, a smaller unit than the old one might be better. New units are more efficient. A heat-load calculation should be done by the contractor to determine the correct size unit. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating indicates the efficiency and operational costs of the unit.
Make sure the new and old pieces of the system will work together or replace the entire system. Mixing old and new might mean the new unit will never perform as it is capable of. Any necessary duct work repairs should be done.

The lowest price is not necessarily the best price. Look at the big picture. Who seems to know what unit would be best and seems the most reliable and experienced?

Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company has factory trained, professional technicians who can repair or replace the system. They are very conscious of budget concerns and applicable energy rebates. Various financing options and extended warranties are available. If a repair is needed to an old system, they can handle it, any make or model. They appreciate that everyone’s time is valuable and will be on time for service calls. For 24/7 Air Conditioning Service Peachtree City counts on Ferguson.