The Benefits That an Oilfield Services Company in Colorado Can Bring to You

For those of you new to the oilfield management business, you may have heard of oilfield services when you were training. However, if you have not used them before, you should really look into them. This is because they can be crucial in making your job much easier. Here are some of the benefits that an oilfield services company can bring to your team.

Seismic Evaluation

Testing the ground for seismic activity is very important in the oilfield industry. This is because if an area of ground is too active, it could cause quakes if drilling begins. By performing evaluations, you can be assured that the ground is safe with which to work.


We’re not talking about transporting people here. To get the drilling equipment to the actual work locations, there needs to be planning to transport all of the necessary equipment there. This is especially tricky when it comes to marine drilling so you need a company that is experienced with oilfield transportation.

Plug & Abandon

There are occasionally times during oilfield work when the well is simply no longer usable. It then must undergo a process called “plugging and abandonment.” This means that the well will be permanently sealed with no intention of ever working on it again. This is very important to have completed correctly as it prevents any number of accidents or injuries which could occur.

If you are interested in hiring a company for oilfield services and maintenance, contact Flatirons Chemicals.

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