The Benefits Of Using Aluminum Jig Plate

Jig plate is not a specific brand, but rather a type of cast aluminum plate that is specifically manufactured for its physical attributes. It is a very flat plate that is carefully developed to remove any internal stresses in the plate.

The result of this carefully controlled manufacturing process is an aluminum jig plate that will stand up to machining and is very easy to work with. You will find this type of aluminum plate, which is also called cast tool and jig plate, in use in a wide variety of industries.

Flat and Highly Machinable

A jig is used to guide a manufacturing process in highly precise, repeatable and accurate paths or directions. When creating a jig, it is always important to use a material that is flat, level and free from distortion. Without these characteristics different jigs would be slightly different, resulting in variations in products made using the jig.

By choosing aluminum jig plate all warping, twisting or distortion of the plate where it is machined is eliminated. This means that the edges of each jig will be virtually identical and production can be completed to the required high tolerances.

Corrosion Resistance

As with all aluminum, corrosion resistance it a property that is necessary for many applications. Exposure to moisture on work sites, high humidity types of environments and even the types of machining that may be used with the jig can all rust and corrode other types of metals and alloys.

While other metals can be finished to boost corrosion resistance, this is an additional cost in making the jig, With the choice of aluminum these extra steps and processes, can be eliminated. It is also an alloy that can withstand heating and cooling, another important factor in many industries.

Aluminum jig plate is often used in CNC machining equipment, in construction, robotic or automated component manufacturing as well as in medical device and instrument production facilities.

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