The Benefits of Using a Mobile Vet? Find One in Chicago

A mobile vet service is well known for providing spaying and neutering services and basic pet health services. If you have ever tried to transport your sick or injured pet to the veterinarian’s clinic, you know from experience how anxious and distraught the animal gets. Vets on wheels are more popular in major cities such as Chicago; now you can get your pets annual wellness exam without the stress of driving to the clinic and exposing your pet to other animals.

Less Stress for Your Pet

A pet is happiest when it is in its recognized environment; when the vet comes to you, your pet can relax. There is no need to subject your pet to new sounds and smells as well as other people’s pets. A visit to the vets is stressful for any animal, as well as you.

Less Stress for You

Time is everyone’s enemy. With the daily demands on your time, it may be difficult to get your pet to the vets, even though you knew the importance of the annual wellness checkup. If a mobile vet comes to you, the visit can be scheduled to accommodate your schedule.

Great for Multiple Pets

If you have multiple pets, it can be a real struggle to get them to the vet. You either end up making multiple trips, or you struggle with the whole lot of them, which at times is not an easy thing to do. With a mobile vet service, you can schedule the annual checkups for all your pets for the same day.

The Results Are Often More Accurate

The best way to get accurate test results is to perform the tests on a docile animal. Anxiety can distort the results of such things as blood pressure, temperature and respiratory rate.

A mobile vet can make caring for your pets much easier. You are invited to contact Village West Veterinary in Chicago. For a list of available services, visit website.

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