The Benefits of On Site Paper Shredding in Los Angeles

If you find yourself apprehensive about sending important documents off to be shredded, then on site shredding may be the answer for you. On site shredding companies can provide you the privacy and confidentiality that you need when giving over sensitive documents. The following are a few benefits you can take advantage of when you choose on site Paper Shredding in Los Angeles.

Peace of Mind

When you hire a company to do the shredding you need right in front of you, it gives you a peace of mind that cannot be described. Off-site shredding companies may be just as trustworthy as the on-site companies, but actually watching the process unfold in front of your eyes really helps set your mind at ease. Many companies have a mobile shredding unit that they can bring to your business and shred all of your documents in your parking lot.


Having a truck outside shredding your documents offers you plenty of time to add or remove documents that need to be shredded. Many businesses designate shredding days, where all employees bring anything they need taken care of to the on-site truck. Designating a day for all of your Paper Shredding in Los Angeles will remove the possibility of mass confusion and employees frantically trying to gather documents to shred.

Laws And Regulations

Depending on the type of business that you run, state law may require you to shred your documents on site. Many financial firms and security agencies are required to shred on site due to the sensitive information that is contained in their documents. Things such as other parties personal information or bank documents will usually be required on site shredding.

If you find yourself in need of on-site shredding services, you should call the dedicated staff at Shred Confidential. They are willing to tailor make a shredding process that accommodates you and your business. Shred Confidential also has a state of the art mobile unit that is sure to do any job big or small. Call them today to schedule your free estimate or to ask any questions you may have about the process.