The Benefits Of Lawn Aeration in Spokane


Ensuring that a home has a lovely lawn is important for any homeowner that is wanting to maintain the appearance and value of their homes. Sadly, it can be fairly common for people to be unsure of the various needs that a lawn can have. In particular, it is common for homeowners to overlook the needs of the root system for the grass. More precisely, the roots of a lawn require access to oxygen to thrive, and as a result, homeowners should make sure to aerate their lawns on a regular basis. Luckily, there are landscapers that can provide Lawn Aeration in Spokane for homeowners that want the most beautiful grass possible.

During the aeration process, a device is used on the lawn that has deep spikes. These spikes will help to make holes in the soil that allow oxygen to reach the grass’ root system. Unfortunately, the aerate holes will gradually fill in due to storms and erosion, which means that this work must be done on a regular basis. Ideally, homeowners will low-oxygen or dense soil should make it a point to do this task at least once a month.

When aerating the soil, it will be important to use an aeration tool that has spikes that are short enough to avoid hitting any buried utility lines or sprinkler systems. To avoid this problem, homeowners will need to have these buried lines marked. Fortunately, most utility companies will provide this service to homeowners for free or a nominal fee.

For homeowners that are wanting to ensure that they yards look the best that the can, it is important to make sure that the grass’s root system is having its needs met. While fertilizer and water are among the more obvious needs, some homeowners will neglect the important role that oxygen plays in the root system. By appreciating the important benefits that come from aeration as well as the steps needed to avoid problems during this work, homeowners will find themselves in a far stronger position to make sure that this yard work goes as smoothly and effectively as possible. For homeowners that need professional help with Lawn Aeration in Spokane, a local landscaping firm can provide the much-needed help to ensure that the home’s lawn is in the best condition possible.


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