The Benefits of Jive Dance Classes

Jive Dance Classes offer many benefits to participants. Jive is a rhythm dance that evolved from 1930’s dances such as the Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, and the Jitterbug. The music is in four/four time with a lively tempo. Single participants are welcomed, as are couples. It is fun and easy to learn to dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios with private lessons, group lessons, and practice sessions. Instructors are highly trained to make instruction clear and concise. Dancing provides socialization, self expression, and relaxation. It builds confidence and self esteem. Customized programs can be developed for wedding dances and competitive dancers. The curriculum includes a full range of dances and styles, including American, Latin-American, International styles, and Exhibition/Theatre dance.

Health benefits include increases in flexibility, balance, mobility, agility, and strength. It builds muscle tone and burns calories to help dancers lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. It improves the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system. Many athletes take dance classes to remain limber and reduce the risk of serious injuries while playing. It is a great form of exercise. Other rhythm dances include the Mambo, Rumba, Salsa dancing, and the Merengue. Smooth dances include the Tango, Waltz, and the Foxtrot. Participants can learn several different dances at their own pace. Lessons once or twice a week are recommended for those just beginning to learn a dance, with practice sessions added as well. Once the basics are done, lessons can be less frequent if that is preferable.

There are opportunities available at the dance studios. Franchise opportunities exist, and details are found on the website. Instructors are needed as the popularity of dancing increases. 85% of all franchise owners began as instructors, and the average time frame for going from instructor to owner is five short years. Owners do not need to be dance instructors, however, so do not let that dissuade any interest. Franchises allow people to be their own boss without all the risks associated with new businesses. Business models, techniques, and policies are already set up and ready to roll out at a new location. Owners are provided with training, marketing, and ongoing support.
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