The Benefits of Installing a Water Filter in a Houston, TX Home

Many Texas residents still rely on wells to supply their homes with water. The water from these sources needs to be filtered, to eliminate iron and other elements. However, it is not unusual for a homeowner who is connected to a municipal water supply to install a Water Filter in Houston, TX. Many Choose Climate Shield Environmental Industries to test water, recommend filtering options, and install equipment. Filtering systems are popular in the area because they offer:

1. IMPROVED HEALTH: Only about 1% of the earth’s water supply is drinkable, and that amount is constantly recycled through the environment. In this process it is exposed to pollutants. Even bottled water can contain contaminants. In addition, city water often contains chemicals that can alter its taste. Climate Shield professionals will test water for free, and advise homeowners of exactly what they find in water supplies. Customers can then choose to correct only tap water, for cooking and drinking, or install whole-house systems.

2. SAVINGS: The elements in untreated water can accumulate in plumbing over time, resulting in a loss of efficiency. Affected plumbing often needs to be replaced long before its expected lifespan, and this can be expensive. Hard water can make water heaters less efficient, and increase utility bills. However, filtered water can correct these problems and also make soaps and shampoos last longer. Treated water requires fewer ingredients for food to get a good taste during cooking, and it boils more quickly. Home filters eliminate the cost of bottled water. Softening systems also result in cleaner clothes that last longer.

3. EFFICIENCY: Dishwashers and clothes washers are more efficient when treated water is used. Bathtubs and showers are much easier to clean without hard water buildups. Cleaning products go further and work better with filtered water, and cleaning time in general is reduced. Studies have shown that filtered water can cut yearly cleaning time by as much as 80 hours.

Many Texas residents filter their home water, even if they are connected to a municipal supply. Treated water is softer, which means it saves money on cleaning, helps extend the life of appliances, and makes skin and hair look better. In addition, filtered water is healthier to drink and tastes great.

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