The Benefits of Getting Permanent Dentures in Cincinnati, OH

In years past those who were missing multiple teeth really didn’t have a lot of options when it came to treatment. They could either have the rest of their teeth removed and be fitted for removable dentures, or they could live with not being able to chew their food. The dentures of yesteryear were certainly not as advanced as those of today, either. For one thing, permanent dentures were not even considered a possibility. Today, though, many patients reap the benefits of permanent dentures in Cincinnati OH. Read on to find out why they are so popular.

Keeps Dentures in Place

One of the most common problems dental patients have always had with removable dentures is that they don’t stay in place very well. This can lead to embarrassing situations, and it can make chewing certain foods next to impossible. With permanent dentures, these issues are much more unlikely to occur. Permanent dentures in Cincinnati OH work by securing the denture to one or more dental implants. These implants are actually affixed to the jaw bone, just like normal teeth would be, so they won’t be going anywhere. The dentures themselves are still removable, but since they can be snapped into place, they are much less likely to fall out unintentionally.

Easier Performance of Everyday Functions

Unlike temporary dentures, which prevent patients from eating certain foods and often cause speech problems, permanent dentures allow patients to eat and speak normally. There are still some foods that are best avoided, such as sticky candies, but otherwise, the dentures will feel much more natural.

A Permanent Solution

It’s true that the dentures themselves will become worn down over time and need to be replaced, just like regular dentures, but the screws that hold them in place should last a lifetime with proper care. This is because the dental implants act like normal teeth, which leads to less wearing down of the jaw bone than traditional dentures.

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