The Benefits Of Bark Dust In Portland

by | Apr 11, 2014 | Home and Garden

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Using mulch can make your lawn appear as if you’ve hired a professional landscaper. A common type of mulching product used by many homeowners is Bark Dust in Portland. Aside from giving your yard an attractive appearance, bark dust has other benefits as well.

Helpful To Your Plants

Adding a layer of bark dust around your plants helps to keep them healthy by keeping the moisture down in the ground instead of allowing it to evaporate into the air. Mulch also prevents weeds from growing which can steal the nutrients and water from your plants. Insects that are harmful to your plants will be deterred by bark mulch.

Color Variety

You don’t have to settle for only one color of bark mulch in Oregon, because it’s available in several colors to compliment your landscape. Mulch made from hemlock is light brown or beige, while mulch made from fir trees is medium brown with a reddish tint. Cedar mulch is light in color if you don’t necessarily like brown colored mulch.

Easy Application

Instead of breaking your back and spending hours shoveling mulch, a professional landscaping company can bring the bark mulch to your house on a truck and blow the mulch where it’s needed. If there are hard to reach areas on your property where you want mulch, the mulch blower can efficiently blow the mulch exactly where you need it. Mulch is applied more uniformly when blown in and you won’t have a mess in your yard or driveway. Before the company arrives with your Bark Dust in Portland, you can have your yard ready by doing a little preparation. If there are plants or other items near the area, cover them up to prevent the mulch from landing on them. Close the windows and doors to your house and garage, and shut off your air conditioner if it’s running.

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