The Benefits Of Adding A Load Cell Amplifier

There are different types of measurement needs in tensioning systems for film, paper, steel, laminates and other similar types of materials. These tension measurement systems will include the load cell, the load cell transducer and then some type of device as a controller or display.

With many types of applications and on different equipment, the tension has to be maintained to very specific parameters. Even slight deviations outside of the upper or lower range can cause production or processing problems that increase waste, decreases productivity and costs the company money.

For these types of applications, where very slight changes in the force on the load cell need to be detected, and the appropriate response applied, a load cell amplifier is an essential additional component to the system. Different models and options can be designed to provide analog or digital readouts, and they have to be paired with the same type of load cell.

Easy Integration

A load cell amplifier can be added to any existing load cell, or it can be installed on a new piece of equipment or when upgrading or replacing existing web tension system components.

The amplifier itself is a very small electronic component that can be mounted to the load cell to boost the signal and provide accurate readings with very slight changes in the load cell. Wiring is typically very easy and can be completed quickly and without any need for the significant downtime of the equipment.

Ideally, buying a load cell amplifier from the same manufacturer as the load cell is always the best option. If you are replacing the load cell at the same time, be sure to talk to the dealer and make sure you are choosing the right capacity of load cell and amplifier combination for your needs.

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